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Talk to the Experts

Product description

"Talk to the expert" is a combination of workshop and off-line analysis of your particular situation in defined areas such as

  • Broadband networks (including active and passive components of LANs and WANs, currently with special focus on Open Access Networks)
  • Multimedia data bases (including legal information systems of parliament and government, audio and video archives, and their integration in workflow systems)
  • Data archival and storage (including management and organisation of information, backup strategy, disaster recovery, and security of archived data)
  • and any other ICT area which is covered by one of our more specific consultancy products.

Core element of "Talk to the expert" is a half day workshop for your and our experts to identify issues and discuss your particular situation. To be able to do that efficiently some preparation for the workshop is required. We finally will summarise the workshop's findings and suggest next steps for you to take, written down in a report which we will prepare off-line.

What makes this product special?

"Talk to the expert" is simple - no complicated consultancy rituals are required. Within a few days you have results based on which you can decide how to best resolve your particular situation: Our external expertise will expand your horizons efficiently. You pay a fixed price. There is no further obligation for you.

Target customers

All organisations operating an ICT infrastructure and experiencing issues in the areas defined above. "Talk to the expert" is one of the rare consultancy products not only targeted at the large account but on SMEs as well, fitting to tight budgets.

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